ISA and Yerevan Magazine Team Up for Fundraiser

Yerevan Magazine and the International Students Association of Glendale Community College will host a fundraiser to provide foreign students who are active on campus scholarships to help them continue studying on campus.

Being the largest club on campus with about 500 active and non-active members, the ISA’s goal of unifying, educating and introducing American culture to international students has a scholarship to help members who need financial assistance and who give time and dedication to the association.

To help with funds for the International Student Scholarship, ISA President Roza Martirosova and Yerevan magazine have come together to help fund the ISA scholarship and to spread the word of the magazine.

Yerevan magazine is an Armenian niched, international magazine written in three languages with a circulation of 50,000 issues for the current publication.

This will be the first time ISA and Yerevan magazine have teamed up in a fundraiser.

“Yerevan has printed all the flyers and all the posters; they have really helped us a lot,” said Martirosova, “ISA members also help us with participation in fundraising.”

On average, five or six students will be awarded the $300 scholarship. This helps the most financially troubled and dedicated international students on books, supplies and other school related expenses.

Although ISA students that are active may have the best shot on being awarded the $300 scholarship, they still have to qualify.

Applicants for any scholarship, international or not, must have a 2.5 minimum GPA and at least 12 cumulative units, according to ISA academic counselor Mariah Ribeiro.

Yerevan magazine will co-sponsor the event by selling subscriptions of their publication and a portion of their profits will go to fund the scholarship.

“This fundraiser is also a great way to have our magazine reach more of Glendale,” said Yerevan magazine advertising director Suzy Hogtanyan. “With this fundraiser, we will be able to reach both the community and the youth.”

The magazine is currently being written in English, Armenian and Russian, but plans to have the publication released in French by the end of the 2012 and in Arabic by 2013 have been mentioned by Martirosova and Hogtanyan.

“What we want to do is to reach out to the most readers,” said Hogtanyan. “Through donating to ISA, we’re not just helping a good cause, but we’re also helping to grow a community.”

The magazine covers many influential people in Armenian culture, such as television personality Khloe Kardashian in the current October and November 2012 issue and professional tennis player Andre Aggasi in a previous issue.

The magazine will be reduced to $19.99 per year, compared to the normal $39.99 per year cost. Yerevan usually releases four to six magazines a year.

Fifty percent of the profits made in the fundraiser will go to benefit the International Student Scholarship fund, which then will assist those who were awarded the scholarship.

All students who have been awarded the scholarship have either transferred or graduated, according to Ribeiro. Many of those who transferred go to universities such as Cal State Northridge or UCLA.

The ISA fundraiser, co-sponsored with Yerevan magazine, will be on October 23rd, 24th and 25th at Plaza Vaquero from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.