Transfer Trip Tours Northern Campuses

Kristine Tuzon, El Vaquero Staff Writer

GCC will host its annual Northern College Tour from April 9 to 11.

Each year during spring break, Glendale College plans a road trip to visit the University of California campuses in Berkeley, Davis, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz.

Transfer counselor Kevin Meza will be one out of a few faculties assisting and leading the tour. “Students have a fun time,” Meza said.

This tour is an opportunity for students to discover and explore the different aspects of each campus. Each university will offer different tours such as admission presentations, campus tours, or student panels.

Students will also interact with university faculty and students for more informational needs, as well as visit and sightsee around San Francisco.

Glendale student George Skriabin went on this tour last year.

“The UC trip was a very enjoyable experience for me because it allowed for me to get a feel for each university before applying to each school,” Skriabin said. “Many students have the notion that they want to go to a particular school but once they get there, the atmosphere and life in that city isn’t for them.”

Meza said GCC alumni who went on this trip have sometimes come back to personally assist on the tour.

Skriabin said, “Kevin always made sure we had the most knowledgeable of tour guides accompanying us for each school and he gave us some great life advice with our majors and careers. His life experiences, school information, and witty jokes made for an incredible trip that will always be memorable.”

Student Joe Kalbukian is excited for the 2012 tour. “It’s an excellent opportunity to visit all the campuses and the price is unbeatable,” Kalbukian said. “I want to visit Berkeley, because of its history.”

All students may apply. Interested students can print out a Northern California Tour application from the GCC website. Students will write a personal statement stating why they are interested in the trip.

Based on the essay, 52 students will be chosen to join the tour. Grades and GPA are not required while applying. The deadline for all applications will be on March 6 at 6 p.m., and must be returned to the Transfer Center in SR215. Selections will be posted at the Transfer Center by 5 p.m. March 8.

Once students are selected, a $25 non-refundable fee must be submitted. The fee will cover the transportation and hotel stay in Berkeley.

For more information, students may stop by the Transfer Center or email Kevin Meza at [email protected].