Opportunities for Organizing as Club Rush Week Commences

Kristine Tuzon, El Vaquero Staff Writer

Club Rush is recruiting new members for the spring semester for various clubs on campus until Friday.

Club Rush is a chance for students to check out more than 50 clubs GCC has to offer.

“Any involvement on campus can open up doors to meeting new people and students, work with faculty, staff, and administrators and it can change what you’re doing,” said Tzoler Oukayan, student activities coordinator.

VOICES is a club that fundraises to help non-documented students pay for classes and transfer to four-year institutions.

The Environmental Club educates people to go green and shows ways how to keep the campus clean.
“Our goal is to plant an organic garden on campus,” club member Anaseh Khodaverdi said.

Also, Leo’s Club offers community service, fundraises for local organizations such as the AIDS Walk, or has benefit nights for student scholarships.

Academic clubs include Alpha Gamma Sigma, which is an honor society offered for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

“We are having guest speaker Terrence James Roberts of Little Rock Nine come on Feb. 29,” club member Rashon Washington said.

Students may also start their own club. New clubs must have a minimum of five members and find an advisor. If an advisor cannot be found, Oukayan can help find one who is interested.

Registration packets can be found online at www.glendale.edu/as or at the Student Center. All registrations for returning and new clubs are due Friday. Club orientation begins is 1:30. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday as well.

Booths held by different club representatives will be posted out in the Plaza Vaquero for students to ask questions or seek information about any of the clubs.

“Students should take advantage of what GCC has to offer. It can develop them as an individual. The opportunities at GCC are endless,” Oukayan said.