Rides, Bears and Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Balls: L.A. County Fair Enters its Final Week For 2011 Season

John Ferrara, El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Los Angeles County Fair is open until Sunday. For anyone with a free day, some extra cash and a full tank of gas, the fair is sure to deliver good times.

The outside appears to be the cliche carnival rides and ripoff game booths. However venture in, and there’s a day’s worth of activities for all ages.

One of the best features of the fair is that it‘s located at the Fairplex Park Racetrack in Pomona. The live horse races are a true gem, and at no additional cost, it’s worth checking out.

On Friday, be sure to keep an eye on the Budweiser Beer Jockey. Every time said jockey wins a race, a special size Budweiser beer will go on sale from the end of the race until the beginning of the next.

Another unique feature of the fair, is the Our Body exhibit. Although the $8 per person admission price is as hard to stomach as the exhibit itself, this one of a kind showcase is full of actual cadavers on display.

It may sound creepy but the cadavers are mostly all skinless, which somehow makes it much more tolerable. There are many pieces, from single organs to the entire muscular system.

Now that your mouth is watering, the variety of food the fair boasts is impressive. Between the tons of barbecue, Pink’s hot dogs, King Taco and a creative list of deep fried foods, it would be a challenge to try it all.

The food is somewhat pricey, ranging from about $5 to $15 for most dishes. However there are decent corn dogs and deep-fried burritos for those looking to spend under $5.

The more adventurous eater may want to try the many original deep fried goodies available. A word of advice, avoid the deep fried Kool-Aid balls. This concoction of pure fried batter, with a hint of artificial fruit is a regrettable choice. Regardless, the fried food is part of the experience and most of the dishes should leave you satisfied.

The biggest rip-off of the fair is the cost of rides. Most rides are a staggering 9 tickets, and the starting price of $20 dollars for 40 tickets may not be worth the short-lived thrill.

The Costco ticket package which includes four admission tickets, parking and 44 game or ride tickets is a good deal to those who enjoy the rides.

The Zipper is a classic, which is well worth the nine tickets and leaves riders crying from laughter.

The number of animals at the fair will exceed expectations. There are elephant rides, Clydesdale horses, reptiles, bears and more.

For animal lovers, it might be a bit depressing, as some animals appear to be miserable. However, it’s a fun experience to see some of these animals

up close.

There are many special offers on the Los Angeles County Fair website for discounts on admission, food, and rides to take advantage of. Visit http://www.lacountyfair.com/2011 and click on the promotions and discounts page.

This Friday, anyone who brings in four canned food items for donation will receive free admission.