Board Discusses Budget, Honors Professors

Lillian Wu, staff reporter

The Board of Trustees adopted the proposed budget of the Glendale Community District for the 2011-2012 year and honored Don Nakamoto and Chris Cicuto for their contributions to the college.

The board adopted the proposed budget for the academic year during the meeting. Ron Nakasone, executive vice president of administrative services, presented the budget at a public hearing at the Aug. 22 board meeting.

GCC normally has a total budget of $88 million, which includes the reserve. The budget for the college last year was $87.7 million. This year, it is $82.7 million.

“Our budget used to go up every year, and then it took a big dip,” Nakasone said.

He said that GCC starts every year with a 5 percent reserve. There is about $4 million set aside plus $500,000 in a contingency reserve. The contingency reserve is used for emergencies.

GCC is still $2 million below budget.

Tuition for fall 2011 increased from $26 per unit to $36 per unit.

Enrollment at GCC is down this year from 20,056 students to 16,780. Nakasone gave some reasons as to why the there were fewer students. The first was block scheduling, which was implemented for the first time this year. The cancellation of the second summer session was another reason. Winter 2011 courses were also reduced.

Additionally, enrollment at the Garfield campus was down. The construction of Garfield Campus, PeopleSoft and the reduction of lifelong learning classes contributed to fewer students.

GCC is also proposing to have a limited winter 2012 session. Programs that are year round such as nursing, athletics and the fire academy will continue.

Overall, the college has $5.2 million less revenue than last year. To balance the budget, Nakasone said the college is not filling critical positions, offered a retirement incentive, cut winter session and reduced summer session.

Nakasone said a 5 percent pay cut is still in negotiation.

“One of the things we have heard is the guild wanted to protect the adjuncts,” Nakasone said.

The board of trustees met at the Garfield Campus Community Room on Aug. 22 for a public hearing about the proposed budget and attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of the renovated campus.

Paul Schlossman, dean of student affairs, gave a special presentation about privatizing the Glendale College Bookstore.

The Associated Students of Glendale Community College has owned and operated the bookstore, which is one of two in the college system that is still independent. Half of all colleges in the nation have used privately owned companies. Because of this, Schlossman said that it is harder for ASGCC to operate as an independent bookstore.

The board was also approached by Chang Lee, chairman of the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles, and WAM Development Group to build a college dormitory for Korean and international GCC students. The dorm would cost $30 million and would be funded by the developer.

The letter of intent for the proposed dorms is still being discussed. The board has until mid-October to decide whether or not to sign the letter.

Concerns about student conduct and safety for the GCC Childcare Center were raised if the dorm is built. Questions arose about how the college does not have a 24-hour system security and how the students will eat during the weekends.

Superintendent/President Dawn Lindsay said the developer made it clear that he wanted to work with a panel of students, faculty and the community.

“It’s an opportunity, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right opportunity for Glendale College and that’s what we have to present to the board to make a decision with,” Lindsay said. “But we can’t do that unless we know what all the questions are.”

Jan Swinton, associate dean of workforce development, gave a special presentation to honor Nakamoto for providing grants and connecting people to jobs. The board passed a resolution for the honor. Nakamoto is the executive director of the Verdugo Workforce Investment Board.

The board, along with delegates for Assemblyman Mike Gatto, Rep. Adam Schiff and State Sen. Carol Liu, presented Nakamoto with plaques and certificates.

“I am a little speechless,” Nakamoto said. “I feel that getting all these awards I should be retiring or something. But thank you, I am just shocked. It is a great honor.”

Schlossman also gave a presentation which recognized GCC head baseball coach Chris Cicuto for coaching the men’s baseball team to numerous championships.

“The most impressive thing I think beyond finishing first in Southern California is out of 21 sophomores, 18 have transferred on,” Cicuto said.

President Anita Gabrielian presented Cicuto with a baseball signed by the board of trustees.

Michael Scott, president of the academic senate, presented 14 adjunct and full-time faculty members for an advancement in academic rank. The candidates applied for the rank and all were approved by the academic senate.