Tech Fair Highlights Vocational Training

Luis Rodriguez

On May 3, a technology fair took place in Vaquero Plaza to help students choose a career path in technological fields.

One of the tables was the hospitality and tourism management table. “We provide comfort,” said Josh Isaak, the Hospitality club president. “The very first thing we are taught is to network. It is always useful to have a business card handy, especially in this economy.”

The field is for guest services like hotels, spas and other luxuries. It also applies to dining services, front offices and catering. The hospitality club does staffing and volunteer services.

The Emergency Medical Technical stand was hosted by Rich Philibosian, an EMT at Glendale College. Students taking the course learn CPR, the human anatomy and physiology, and treatment of all kinds of injuries. Toward the end of the program students ride on a real ambulance with real patients, and make actual emergency calls. It takes two classes to complete the course and take a state exam. The students are not by themselves they are with hired EMTs. The students are not EMTs yet, they are merely interns. They do not do this until they are well into the course.

At first the students treat fake patients. EMT students must transport five patients and complete their internship before they get their EMT card. “Before the recession when you got your EMT card, you were hired but not anymore,” said Philibosian.

The stand for the Nutrition program was curated by Sona Donayan, nutrition instructor. In the nutrition program, students learn about food, how to cook, health and disease prevention, dietary guidelines, portions, making menus, diets for sick people and vegetarian diets.

“The nutrition class is not really hands on,” said Donayan. “Most of the cooking is done at home and the learning is in class. The lab kitchen, however is hands on. The students try to make food visually appealing and test the aroma in the lab.”

Children’s school nutrition is included in the curriculum. Charts in the Nutrition stand included the consequences of obesity, risk factors and symptoms of diabetes and managing diabetes.

Other booths in the stand were Architecture, CAD/CAM, Culinary Arts, Engineering, Fire Tech/Fire Academy, Machine and Manufacturing Tech, Verdugo Power Academy and Welding/Metallurgy.

The fair ran from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. It was a hot day, but it’s never too hot to help students choose their future.