Scholars Show Poker Faces at Fundraiser

Vanessa Aguirre

Despite the stress of competing for scholarships, students in the GCC Scholars Program found a way to show off their poker faces in the mist of finals by holding their annual Casino Night May 20.

“It’s more of a bonding type of thing,” said Alexandra Von Ritzhoff, GCC student and member of the program. “At these events we can hang out and have fun.”

Held in the student center, $1 was all one needed to receive a stack of chips and get the ball rolling and unlike casinos the money goes toward scholarships for current and future scholars.

Apart from the casino-style table games, games of “Twister” and “Mario Cart” were also being played while upbeat music boomed in the background.

The sound of the activities, side conversations over the snack table, and laughter of new friends, made for a light and playful atmosphere that seemed to put all those in attendance at ease, even with finals just around the corner.

This event is one of three held during the semester, where honors students get the opportunity to sit back and relax with their fellow classmates.

The Glendale Community College Scholars Program was started in 2008 to help academically accomplished students further their academic careers. It also offers them the opportunity to partake in a more rigorous course of study.

All full-time GCC students with a 3.0 grade point average or above and high school graduating seniors with an unweighted grade point average of 3.25 are eligible for the program.

Different transfer goals and a variety of students with contrasting majors make for a very diverse group, and thus leads to an interesting learning environment that includes returning students, who have taken time away from college.

“[The program] really gets you into what you want to do,” said scholar Natalia Basanta. “I found this program to be very helpful.”

Those students who successfully complete this program receive priority admission to universities including UCLA, UC San Diego and CSU Long Beach, as well as Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College and Azusa Pacific University.

Adding to the perks, the Scholars Program is recognized by campuses nationwide and adds a competitive edge to students’ transfer application as well as showing the dedication acquired and the students’ passion toward furthering their educational goals. Scholars also can register for honors classes, which are limited to 25 students.

Aside from the transfer assistance and academic growth made through the program, participants also develop a strong sense of community awareness.

Those involved in the program are also eligible to receive cash scholarships awarded by the program itself and scholarships given out by the Honors Transfer Council of California.

The scholars program will host its third and final event of the semester, the annual Scholars banquet, on June 9, during which they will be saying their goodbyes to those who are graduating or transferring to universities and colleges around the state.
Combining the best of both words, the scholars program is an asset to ones transfer resume but also helps students make life long friends.

For information on the scholars program, e-mail Dana Marterella at [email protected]