Carnival Wraps Semester With a Big Bang

Vanessa Aguirre

Popcorn popped, and people were dunked as students sizzled in the summer sun while enjoying the festivities at ASGCC’s end of the year carnival.

Held on May 26 in Plaza Vaquero, the carnival included free food and refreshments along with games of goldfish toss, where students tossed ping-pong balls into glasses in hopes of winning a goldfish, and the High Striker, where players showed off their strength by hitting a lever that shoots a puck up to ring the bell.

“This is an opportunity for students to get to know their AS officers,” said ASGCC adviser Tzoler Oukayan. “Every year the event and time changes, but the idea stays the same.”

Along with fun games, all of which were free to students, the carnival also featured a dunk tank where students could get up close and personal with their AS officers before sending them into a tank of cold water, while upbeat music boomed in the background, courtesy of 97.1 AMP radio.

“This was one of our greatest events,” said Ani Karapetyan, senator of campus relations. “A lot of people who didn’t show up before came to participate.”

Associated students contributes to most, if not all, of the events on campus, like that of this year’s dance production, which could not have happened without its support.

Active for more than 30 years, the organization has been a leader in student advocacy and works hand in hand with its members to plan events that take place during the semester.

“I feel really wanted at this school right now,” said student Mate Vickovic. “I’m really enjoying the fun atmosphere and the free food, I hope they do this again next semester.”

The end of the year carnival isn’t an annual event, but is one of the many events thought up and hosted by them each semester in hopes of getting the student body on campus involved with the clubs and activities offered to them.

All of the funds need for the event came from their budget, which allowed it to be free for students. This was an even bigger incentive for the student body at GCC to get a little more involved, and provided a fun and relaxing atmosphere for students right before finals.

“This event has been really fun and interesting,” said student Marquis Keeles. “I think it went really well and brought all of the students together.”

The student government plans a variety of events every semester with the goal of engaging the entire campus community.

For information about events, call Tzoler Oukayan at (818) 240-1000, ext. 3033 or visit the Web site at