Robin Rhode Debuts at County Art Museum

Sarkis Adajian

Modern, contemporary art is at its finest during the Robin Rhode exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

South African artist Robin Rhode has brought his work for the first time to the city of Los Angeles.

The museum displays his most current art pieces. Rhode has bought his recent sculptures, video animation, photo composition and a charcoal wall drawing made specifically for LACMA.

Rhode’s very contemporary and simple pieces have a deeper meaning behind what the naked eye can see. He portrays his life experiences throughout the years in his art. The poverty, and controversy he faced back in his hometown of Johannesburg is displayed for all to see.

From his sculpture of a washed-out green bicycle with a soap bucket next to it, to his continuous photographic shots that evolve into something someone would not have ever begun to imagine. Rhode leaves museum-goers wondering.

One might say that being unusual is what art is all about, but someone might counter that argument by walking into the same exhibit and saying I could have done this myself. The simplicity of the work can either make all that attend scratch their heads out of confusion or admire an artist with an original imagination. That is what art is all about.

The spectators express varying opinions of the work. “I don’t really get it. I can see that it is modern and not something you wouldn’t see every day, but it doesn’t do much for me,” said Art Institute student Jennifer Mildrit.

On the other hand, art enthusiast Adam Neishwal could only rave about the exhibit. “The usage of black and white photography, the video of motion art done by chalk, and who could miss the video projected kite. I just wish there were more pieces.

“Rhode came into Los Angeles with a bang, and was able to grab my attention. I have been to many exhibits here in Los Angeles, and also many all over the nation, I give Rhodes a 10 out of 10.”

The Robin Rhode exhibit is something fans of modern art should take a look at it. His work is original, interesting, and quite entertaining.

Rhode describes his work as going back to days of just drawing, and sketching; a simple explanation for art that is everything but simple.

The exhibit runs through June 6. LACMA is located at 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.

Tickets for the exhibit can be purchased at, or at the LACMA box office for $8.

For more information call (323) 857-6000 or go online at