Museum Honors Eva Scott Fenyes

Sarkis Adajian

There have been numerous inspirational women throughout the years, and one 20th century Pasadena resident had everything that qualified her to be included on that list.

Slideshow Media Credit: Peter Moyes

The Pasadena Museum of History, which is located on the Fenyes Mansion, is putting on an exhibit to honor a woman who did so much for Pasadena. The display offers art works done or collected by Eva Scott Fenyes herself, portraits, furniture from the Fenyes estate, and even articles of clothing worn by the Fenyes family.

Fenyes was an educated woman with high-end taste who enjoyed spending her money on various types of art. Living in the 20th century, an era where art flourished, her discriminating taste in art, jewels and furniture is displayed for all to see and admire.

“I’ve done my research on numerous small town artists,” said Pasadena City College art student Michael Jandin. “Fenyes arrived in Pasadena in 1896 and throughout the years was able to provide one of the best art salons for an already art influenced community. I wish I was able to be here during that time to see it in person, and speak to Eva Fenyes herself.”

On top of being an art patron, Fenyes was an artist. The exhibit displays some of her 3,000 artworks that she had sketched into an art diary that she kept during her many years of travel.

Fenyes was inspired and influenced by anything and everything she experienced. Being from a wealthy family, the challenges of experiencing new things and being inspired by anything and everything were virtually non-existent.

Besides having great success in everything she set out to do, Fenyes set out for one mission later in her life. She worked on a project that took her 30 years to complete. Fenyes set out to document through her watercolor paintings the deterioration of adobe buildings in California.

Many women have done a lot for this nation, whether it was something big or something minor. Fenyes was able to influence a whole community because of her love for art. Whether she was collecting it or creating it herself. Fenyes, like many other women, should receive the praise and recognition this Women History Month for everything she was able to provide for the city of Pasadena.

The exhibit displayed her collections, her original pieces, and her documentation of the adobe houses. The Pasadena Museum of History displayed an excellent portrayal of her life on the most ideal location.

After taking the tour of the exhibit, the museum allows its visitors to take a stroll on its back lot; the back lot which includes the Fenyes Mansion, and 2 other smaller estates that belonged to the family.

The exhibit runs until Aug. 29, and tickets can be purchased at the door or on the website, for $8. A special Pasadena Patron Tour and Tea Package is available for people who want to get a guided tour and later have tea at The Raymond Restaurant. The tour will cost an additional $25 for the restaurant, 20 percent of the restaurant tab will be donated to the museum. For more information call (626) 577-1660.