‘Horror Nights’ Brings Chainsaw Thrills

Angelica Fraire

Want to experience a night of terror, where once you are inside there is no going back? Universal Studios Hollywood transforms the night into your worst nightmares.

Halloween Horror Nights kicked off Oct. 2 with terror, with help from Jigsaw, Chucky, and Michael Myers to name a few.

There were a variety of celebrities present at the premiere, including Tobin Bell, from the “Saw” franchise.

The minute guests walk through the front entrance, the game is on because they are greeted by pig-faced minions and the chainsaw wielding Jigsaw.


Slideshow media credit: Richard Kontas

At the end of the first scare zones on the left side there is the first maze called “Chucky’s Funhouse,” where Chucky leads an army of killer dolls in order to have his revenge on humanity.

And according to Gurvy Hoti, 19, “It [Chucky’s Funhouse] was pretty scary, when there are no people in front of me, because then I do not know what is going to happen next.”

The road continues through “New York Street,” another scare zone where Hell is transformed on Earth with flaming towers above your head. The theme here is promoting the seven deadly sins.

Next there is a choice to go to the right where, “My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever” maze is located, or to the left where the third maze, “Halloween: The Life & Crimes of Michael Myers,” is stationed along with a third scare zone called “The Meat Market.”

There is always the option of taking the “Terror Tram: Live or Die!” in the back lot. However, according to Jennifer Adam, 40, from Torrance, “There are too many chainsaws, not enough monsters.”

While on the tram, people get a sneak peak of the new “Saw VI” movie coming soon to theaters. Along with other previews like “Wolfman,” which will come out February 2010.

Located on the left side of the park is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.a tribute.” This is a tribute to the mad scientist by the name Doctor Frank-N-Furter and all the Transylvanians in the production.

On the way out, there is no way to escape the next two scares zones which leads to another live show called “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.” This show is a comedy satire dealing with this year’s celebrity screw-ups and pop culture.

Moving towards the lower lot of the park down the escalators, people are greeted with the last of six scare zones. This zone is called “There Will Be Blood,” which leads to the last maze, “Saw: Game Over!!”

This maze takes visitors through Jigsaw’s twisted world. At the end of the journey, people truly feel scared and terrified.

According to Universal Studios, this event is recommended for mature audiences and urges parents with children under the age of 13 to reconsider visiting Horror Nights.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights opens at 7 p.m. nightly and closing hours vary until Oct. 31.

Advance purchase of general admission is $41. Tickets bought at the door are $56. For more information call 818-622- 5140.