Study Abroad Offers International Opportunities

Rachel Bethke

Over the coming year, Glendale Community College is offering three destinations for studying abroad: Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand and Australia.

College study abroad programs, such as the long-running program at Glendale, offer the opportunity to study and travel at the same time. It is a chance to learn about new cultures, taste exotic food, hear different music, and meet new people, while also furthering educational goals.

“It is a balance between the learning part and the abroad part,” said Kim Foong Chong, director of the program. He said his hope is for people to travel to different countries not just as students but to also experience new places.

The Ireland team will take classes on campus June 15 through 23, 2009. Following the on-campus portion, the participating students will depart for Ireland on June 24 and they will return July 16.?

Professor Sarah McLemore said?in those few weeks students will be “putting into practice what we learned on campus.” Not only will there be opportunity to learn about Irish literature, but also the chance to see the Irish countryside. As the study abroad flyer says, “Every square mile is saturated with history and culture.”
The cost of the Ireland trip is $2,400 and includes 21 nights in Dublin. Field trips will be taken to the National Museum of Ireland, Newgrange prehistoric site tour, Melifont Abbey, Trim Castle, the Ancient Hill of Tara, and other walking tours of Dublin.

Courses offered include humanities, taught by Professor Dennis Doyle, and English with Professor McLemore.?

The price will not cover airfare and other personal costs such as souvenirs, extra activities and food.

New Zealand and Australia will depart from LAX on Jan. 4, 2009, for a month to enjoy the itinerary. Along with a 12-night stay in Queenstown, 11 nights in Sydney, and one night on board the Milford Wanderer Cruise. This trip offers many sightseeing opportunities.

Program director Foong Chong has chosen three courses that match what students will be experiencing on their trip to New Zealand and Australia. The classes are: social science, taught by Professor Fabiola Torres; culinary arts, taught by Professor Andrew Feldman; and geography, with Professor Darren Leaver. They are designed to equip students with classroom knowledge of each subject with the intent that they then apply what they have learned in exploring the country.

The price of $4,999 includes transportation, accommodations, nine dinners, sightseeing, and basic student travel insurance. Financial aid is available.
Study abroad in Italy will be offered beginning June 15 on campus. Students will be abroad from June 23 to July 19.

Italy’s rich history and famous sights make it a popular destination. Tours, both walking and by bus, will be held throughout the month-long stay. Participants will experience many sights in Italy while studying Italian art, history and language.
Professor Richard Coleman will teach art history, Professor Flavio Frontini will teach Italian field studies, and Professor Hazel Ramos will teach the history of Western Europe. The price of this trip, without airfare, is $4,999.

For information on any of the study abroad trips, call Foong Chong at ext. 5218 or visit the office in AD 145C.

NOTE: A September 17 article “Study Abroad Offers International Opportunities, page 9) stated the trip to Italy was priced at $4999 and did NOT include airfare.? This price DOES include airfare.? Also the phone extension is ext. 5718. El Vaquero apologizes for the inaccuracies.