Toys and Treasures Converge at Monthly College Swap Meet

Brent Wallace

Hundreds of vendor stalls were lined up on May 18, each one heavily stocked with items such as toys, antiques and jewelry as dozens of customers came to browse
and buy.

Since 1994, the Glendale College swap meet has lured bargain hunters to campus every third Sunday of the month.

Vendors pay $40 in advance or $50 the morning event to rent a space. They must also have a seller’s permit, which may be obtained at any State Board of Equalization office at no charge, unless they are considered an “occasional seller,” that is one who only sells items from his or her garage or closet.

“Most of us who come here collect things, and our garages are packed full of things that never get used,” said Don Warner, one of the regular dealers. “So we come here to sell them.”

About 150 vendors attended this month’s event , but there was a disappointingly small turn out of customers as the temperature soared above 100 degrees for most of the day and only a few dozen browsers could be seen at any time.

This month’s swap meet was the fourth time the event had been held since the new parking structure was opened. The swap meet had used the upper parking lot until construction on the new parking structure began. All of the vendors’ stalls were set-up outside, just east of the structure.

“It’s close, convenient, and it’s really friendly here, believe it or not,” said Donnie Smith, a dealer attending the event.

For more information on the swap meet, contact Jon Harris at (818) 240-3942, ext. 5805.