Professor Releases Chamber Music CD

Katherine Sosa

Professor Peter Green, assistant chairman of the visual and performing arts division is releasing his first CD. Green is an accomplished pianist who has been playing since the age of 8. Green loves all types of music, from classical to rock, depending on his mood. He loves to teach and enjoys performing.

Green has been teaching at Glendale for almost nine years. But before teaching at GCC he worked at Los Angeles City College. He worked there for four years but then was offered a position here and took it. “GCC is a better school, I’m glad I did,” said Green.

Green was born in Newfoundland, Canada. He received his master’s in music, and doctorate of musical arts degrees from USC. Green has appeared twice on Canadian television. In 1989, he received his first trophy in the national piano competition in Edmonton, Alberta, for the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association. He is also director of music at First Presbyterian Church in Monrovia.

While working on his doctorate in USC he also took a secondary field in choral music. Also, he loves working with choirs and he directs the college’s Concert singers (the advanced choir).

In July 2009 he will be conducting the Mark Thallander Foundation Chorus in Austria for the International Haydn Festival. The Festival gives a chance for the orchestra and Professional soloists to perform in the venues.

Musical colleagues of Green are internationally known flutist Vieri Bottazini from Turkey, and horn player Bruce Bonnell. Bonnell and Green have known each other since freshman orientation at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Bonnell and Bottazini are also members of the Malaysian Philharmonic.

Two years ago Bottazini, Bonnell, and Green got together at the Staples Family Recital Hall School of music at Central Michigan University and recorded a CD. It only took them three days to record all the tracks. The name of the CD is “Souvenirs.”

“It is great because usually pianists just stay in a practice room by themselves. ?It is a lot of fun to play with other musicians,” said Green.

The CD’s genre is classical (chamber music).?Chamber music is for small ensembles usually of 2-3 musicians. Chamber music was first used in the 18th century as musical expression. Chamber music is always used as a new source of new music ideas, and new attitudes.

The CD is being released by Centaur records and will be available in May.