New Media Arts Club Plans Spring Film Festival

Sharese Mirzakhanyan

In order to pursue their interests, two students have created a club that includes different components within the media.

Club founders and co-presidents, Armine Poghosyan, 19, film major, and Anna Meloyan, 19, decided to combine their interests together as well as other components- such as actors, designers, set designers, and others to create GCC’s first media arts club

All students are welcome to the meetings to get acquainted with the club and fill out an application. The only requirement for the club is to be interested in a creative field.

“The purpose of this club is to bring creative people together to work on certain projects that will be showcased at the end of the semester,” Meloyan said. Meloyan has a passion for fashion and has decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

The club is related to everything that is essential for production such as directing, cinematography, and acting. Members will acquire the experience necessary to pursue their interests in a certain creative field. The club needs actors, models, producers, photographers, designers, graphic artists, make-up artists, set designers, and more.

One member of the club has already begun to put together a short film.

“The club members will have the opportunity to showcase their work at a end-of-the-year festival where their work will be seen by not only the community but also some industry professionals,” Poghosyan said.

The club will meet every Monday at 2:30 p.m. in LB 225. There will also be special meetings such as auditions and photo shoots; times and dates to be announced. It’s not too late to sign up!