Club Rush Week: Student Organizations Out to Get You

Fabiola Prieto

Just a week into the spring semester and the enthusiasm was evident. Students at GCC were working hard on making this college a community by recruiting members to their organizations during the Club Rush Week held from Feb.25 through 29 in Plaza Vaquero.

Every semester during Club Rush Week, members of already formed clubs, as well as students with new ideas, present what their organization offers to their peers. They need to ensure that at least five students commit to their ideals and donate time to keep the club running. This semester the deadline to certify a club as “active” was March 5 at noon.

“[Now] is more about establishing cooperation with other organizations on campus” said Dennis Ramirez, art director of the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS). “ALAS has been active for over 25 years at this college and is good model for the newer organizations since the merit of its members and supporters has made possible the establishment of a school in a poor sector in Nicaragua and the addition of a wing with Latin American literature in the library on campus.”

Members of The Conservative Club, winner of the Most Outstanding Club Award last semester, were also present and ready to make their voice heard. “We’re anti-radicalism” said Lexie Collins, president of the organization. This is the third semester this club has been active. Events that have proved its competence are the fundraisings to “Support our troops” held each term since the club started. According to Collins, new developments for the Conservative Club include regulated debates with other organizations such as Project Earth Tomorrow.

“We’re gonna’ get more political…we’re not afraid to get into rallies,” said Tina Davtyan, president of Project Earth Tomorrow. Now in their fourth active semester, officials of the club also vow to become more social; “We’re taking the activities off campus and outside of the community” Davtyan said. Activities to achieve this include: hikings, social gatherings, neighborhood clean-ups, and a massive Eco-Festival held the week before spring break.

Another organization that’s sure to get political this semester advocates for the passage of the “DREAM Act” bill; a proposal that would grant eligibility for legal status to students who entered this country illegally. They call themselves Voces del Mañana. “We want to make conscience that we are getting educated and want to be able to exercise our profession” said Jennifer Mendoza, co-president of the organization. To reach their goal, they’re preparing a ‘mock graduation’ and a conference to raise awareness of legislations that concern immigrant students.

The Philippine Cultural Organization and the Japanese Club had their own message: “Everyone is welcome.” Although their name may imply that membership is limited to their respective cultures, they assure that anybody can join their clubs. “Our goal is to bring our culture together, but we also want to diversify our club…we want to reach out to the campus” said Ann Flores, spokesperson for the Philippine Cultural Association. Expect many exiting events such as cultural games, festivals, and food sales from these two eager groups.

Last semester the Japanese Club won the Best New Club Award at the Most Outstanding Club Awards [M.O.C.A.]; a ceremony organized by the Associated Students to recognize the effort of the students involved in organizations on campus. This semester, clubs that will be contending for this prize include Creative Minds and the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association (MECA). These two were present during Club Rush Week.

The purpose of Creative Minds “is to bring students together in the arts.” Their main event will be a showcase and sale of artwork collected by GCC students. MECA will work to encourage cultural diversity and community service. “our purpose is to provide an environment that will promote growth within the student and the community” a clause in their constitution says.

These are just some of the organizations that will be active this semester. To find out more about clubs and events visit the Student Center, SC212.