Delicious Middle Eastern Food Served at the Athenian Grill

Robert Radich

The sensational aroma of kabob hovers in the air as you take your first step into Athenian Grill and I guarantee it will not be your last.

The menu is quite large, with 12 combo entries and numerous side plates that will get your taste buds watering.

My visit to Athenian Grill was exciting because of my fascination for Middle Eastern delicacies, but I was indecisive on what I wanted to get. After several minutes of standing in front of the menu, speculating if I was going for the gyro, the Greek, the lule, or the beef kabob, I finally came to a conclusion and my mind was set on the lule kabob.

I have had lule kabob in other restaurants, but nothing like this. The outer layer of the kabob has a slight crispness and after that first bite, the secondary taste of seasoning and garlic is perfect. With every order of kabob you get a side of steamed rice or golden crisp fries.

Additionally, every kabob order has a side of Persian salad and yogurt with dill. The salad has a sweet taste and it consists of onions, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes topped off with some olive oil. The yogurt and dill has a sour tang, but the cucumbers give the side plate a balanced taste between sour and sweet.

As I feasted on my meal, I noticed the owner of Athenian Grill, Dino Liosis, walk around and ask customers how their meal was. I absolutely recommend this fine restaurant to anyone that has a desire for Greek and Mediterranean food. From my observation, this family owned business is the real deal.

Fantastic food, great service, and an up to code work station is
what brings the customers and their appetite to Athenian Grill.

The Athenian Grill has six large kabob combos that will satisfy your hunger, with prices ranging from $7 to $8, plus tax. The three kabob wrap combos, lule, gyro and chicken are recommended courses because of the price and generous amount of food. All three kabob wraps are rolled up in pita bread and has two side plates of salad and yogurt and dill. Each of these three kabob wrap vary from $5 to $6, plus tax.

Not in the mood for kabob? The Athenian Grill provides its customers with other selections, such as the hot wings that come in a six, twelve and eighteen pieces. Also, beginning this year, the Athenian Grill added charbroiled burgers with golden crisp fries and a medium drink for only $5.70 and $6.10 with cheese.

The Athenian Grill is located across the street from Glendale College at 1500 Canada Blvd., Unit B-1. The phone number is (818) 500-7767. It is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday.