New Construction Site: Clock is Ticking!

Richard Kontas

Although there are currently two major construction projects on campus, the Allied Health and Sciences building and the new parking structure with an elevator tower and pedestrian bridge, the big question on everyone’s mind is, “When can we use the parking structure?”

Director of Business Services, Bill Taylor said, “the current agreement with the contractor is to have ‘provisional occupancy’ of the structure on August 6.” This means that the college will be able to park vehicles on the lower levels on that date.

The structure will be partially opened at the start of the fall semester. The City of Glendale has agreed to allow limited access via right hand turns both in and out of the structure until a new traffic light is installed on Mountain Street.

There will be a considerable amount of construction on Mountain Street to accommodate parking entry. Work will begin on both the north side of the street and east of the new entrance road, this week. Major construction will begin June 1, limiting traffic to one lane in each direction. The road work is anticipated to last less than 60 days.

The new Allied Health and Sciences building is nearing completion as well, though there have been some delays.
“The furniture and equipment have been ordered,” said Taylor, and “they are expected in June.”

There will be some Nursing and EMT classes held in the building during the second summer session and full occupancy is expected by the start of fall classes.
Dave Jones, a math instructor on campus said that the new building is “looking good. I like the design. It will be a welcome addition to the campus.”