Holiday Shopping Ideas for Those on a Budget

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Finding a quick gift for someone can be difficult. Here are some suggestions for where to go for quick and inexpensive gift ideas.

GCC Ceramics Sale — The Ceramics Department will hold an end of the semester ceramics sale on campus on Saturday, Dec. 2 from 1 to 5 p.m. in Student Center 212. One-of-a-kind treasures like cups, saucers and vases, are available for affordable prices.

Craft Stores — For those who want to make a gift for that special someone, craft stores such as JoAnn’s and Michael’s have a wealth of fabrics and other arts and crafts materials. Michael’s also offers coupons and deals in the weekly newspaper.

Thrift Shops — Thrift shops such as Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, Out of the Closet and the YWCA’s New to You, have great finds and one-of-a-kind objects for less and shoppers will be helping others with their purchases.

Swap Meets — A great place to find unique treasures and odd things is at a swap meet, where a variety of people come together to sell everything from collectibles to junk. The prices at swap meets are often reasonable. Check the Los Angeles Times or other newspapers for listings of local swap meets.

Garage Sales — Garage and estate sales are also great places to find unusual gifts. The plus side to a garage sale is that often the seller will be willing to bargain on the price of an item.

Eagle Rock Plaza — The Eagle Rock Plaza features a variety of shops that offer inexpensive but good quality clothes and accessories. Food is readily available in the little eateries in this small, but customer friendly shopping mall. For those who dislike crowds, this mall is significantly smaller than either the Glendale Galleria or the Burbank Media Center.