Spirit Spreads Across Campus

El Vaquero News Editor

Every imaginable character from Superman to Julius Caesar to Dick Cheney could be spotted on campus Tuesday. Students, staff, faculty and little children donned costumes that ranged from the cute to the frightening, all in the spirit of Halloween.

Delta Sigma Omicron set up a booth in Plaza Vaquero that displayed a severed, but moving mystic’s head inside a “crystal” ball.

The organization sponsored a Halloween costume contest for the campus community, offering a $40 BJ’s Restaurant gift certificate for the first place winner, a $30 AMC movie gift card for second place and a $20 Starbucks gift card for third. Member Michael Gilbert, dressed in medieval garb, said that the group had been planning the event for a month.

Students in a wide variety of costumes, some of which they had made themselves, joined the contest. One contestant, photography major Kristy Walker, was dressed up as the children’s movie character Pippi Longstocking, complete with redhead braids and a patched dress.

“She’s been my hero since I was a little kid,” said Walker when asked about her choice of costume. “I made this costume myself.”
Another student, film editing major Phillip Marzouk, was dressed up as Vice President Dick Cheney. A cardboard sign bearing the words “Hello I am Dick Cheney. Don’t make fun of my lesbian daughter,” hung from his neck, drawing amused looks from people.

“I originally wanted to be Osama Bin Laden,” Marzouk joked.
Other eye-catching costumes were those of political science major Trevin Rivera, who was dressed up as Sora of Kingdom Hearts; Fernando Penello, as Julius Caesar; and Chris de Asis, as Santa Claus.

“I’m the bad Santa,” de Asis said. “I had a Santa suit at home and I thought I might as well wear it to school.”

Three- and four-year-old preschoolers from the GCC Child Development Center paid the campus a visit. In brightly colored costumes that ranged from superheroes to Disney princesses, they went trick-or-treating at the different offices on campus and returned to their school with bucketfuls of candy.

Four-year-old Gigi was dressed up as a Spanish flamenco dancer. “I like getting candy and Halloween stuff,” she said, beaming as she held up a plastic bucket filled with candy.

“I like saying ‘Trick or treat!'” said 3-year-old Tommy, who had on a Thomas the Tank Engine costume. “My favorite [part of Halloween] is wearing costumes,” said 4-year-old Lucas, who was proudly dressed as superhero Robin.

“It’s been very exciting for the kids,” said teacher Debbie Frohmuth. “They enjoyed coming down to campus and going to the different buildings getting candy.”

Members of the ASGCC joined in the Halloween spirit. “I wore this costume because it’s cute,” said Michelle Tehrani, Senator of Administration, referring to her red ladybug costume.

Senator of Finance David Valdez wore a Superman costume because, “Superman is [my] favorite character” and also because he wanted to make a statement on his 21st birthday.

Bookstore employee Patricia Bradley was dressed up as a scary clown. “[Students] just go ‘yeah, whatever,’ when they see me,” said Bradley laughing when asked if people were actually frightened by her attire.

The winners of the Delta Sigma Omicron costume contest in Plaza Vaquero were Mike Serot, as Peter Criss of Kiss, first place; Joel Lepe, as a cowboy, second place; and Phillip Marzouk, as Dick Chaney and Kristy Walker, as Pippi Longstocking, tied for third.