Study Abroad Takes Students to South America, Europe

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Study Abroad Program will be heading to Argentina for 30 days during the upcoming winter session, and on to three other trips to France, Armenia and Italy later in 2007.

The Argentina program starts on campus Jan. 8 to 15, 2007. Students taking this trip will be enrolling Spanish 110, Humanities 120 and International Studies.

The Study Abroad Program is led by geography professor Darren Leaver. “I encourage everybody to go see the world and to experience it as fully as possible,” Leaver said. “I have been to Argentina several times and it is such a beautiful and exciting country to visit.”

This is Leaver’s first time working with the GCC study abroad to Argentina, but he has visited Argentina before with other students to learn more about study abroad programs available.

During club rush week, the study abroad program had a booth to invite students to learn more about the trip to Argentina, and future trips for next year. All courses taken on the trips are also transferable to CSU’s and UC’s.

“I do wish that a lot of students are encouraged to sign up for this trip [Argentina],” said student Sabine Freij, who helped promote study abroad during club rush week.

She added, “I think that this experience will not only get some classes out of the way, but it will be an interesting way of learning about another country. There will be tours, museum visits, beautiful scenery and rich culture.”

Three instructors will be teaching the courses on the Argentina trip. Dana Marterella, who teaches Humanities and English on campus, will teach Humanities 120 in Argentina. Stacy Jazan, who is currently on maternity leave until the trip begins, will teach Spanish 110 on campus, which will emphasize conversation skills as well as vocabulary needed for traveling in Argentina.

Jazan also has many friends and relatives who live in Argentina. There will be an Argentinian native speaker who will teach Spanish during the trip.

Professor Andrew Feldman, who teaches Culinary Arts on campus, will teach the International Studies portion during the trip. This course will help students understand the culture of various regions to be visited in Argentina, as well as each regions specialty in food and wine.

Feldman has never been to Argentina, but has a very strong interest in the Mendoza Region, which is known to have the third greatest wine production facility in the world.

“The food in Argentina is actually very Italian and Mediterranean influenced, which is very interesting to learn from. Overall, Argentina has so much history and it is such a fascinating place to visit.”

Applications for the trips are due by the end of October, and it may take up to two weeks for the student to get a response whether or not they are fully eligible. The estimated price per person is $3,369 plus air taxes and fuel surcharge extra. The program price includes round trip airfare, domestic air (four flights within Argentina), land transportation, transfers between airport to hotel, 40 meals, guide services, entrance fees, and accommodations. The tuition for the three courses must be paid separately.

Trips planned for Study A broad in 2007 include France for eight weeks in the spring, as well as Italy and Armenia for summer. Applications are now being accepted for the trip to France, which will take place on April 16 to June 8. The cost is $4,995, plus tax and GCC fees, and includes transportation, accommodations, meals, lots of sightseeing, and basic student travel insurance.

Students will be able to take 9 units all together, including Humanities 120, International Field Studies 148, and French 110 with a local instructor from France. No GPA or prerequisite courses are required.

There will also be a slide show on Argentina held Saturday at noon in SR138. Information regarding the Armenia and Italy trips is available in the Study Abroad office in AD145. Financial aid and academic scholarships may be available for the study abroad programs. Dennis Schroeder may be contacted at the Financial Aid Office at (818) 240-100, ext. 5433 for more information.