Ceramics Students at Work

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

Professor of
photojournalism Liane
Enkelis brings her journalism
110 class, photojournalism, to
the ceramics studio each
semester as part of an in-class

At the studio, photographers
are able to capture
artists at work; these
ceramics students expand
their artistic horizons through
the use of clay.

These students, such as
those photographed, are at all
levels of experience and
varied ages.

The Ceramics Program,
which offers a Certificate of
Proficiency in Ceramics,
draws on the experience of six
instructors, three of whom are

Cynthia Perry, one of the
photojournalism students,
captured the many techniques
used by ceramics students.
While some people in the
studio work on the wheel,
others prepare to glaze, or
paint their pieces.