Math Teacher Awarded After 22 Years of Service

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

Take a bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara and add to the equation a master’s degree from UCLA and you have yourself an outstanding math instructor.

GCC Professor of Mathematics Gary Massion has taught at GCC for a total of 22 years. In addition to his hard work as a math instructor, Massion has also been the director of the GCC Scholar’s Program, which has been honoring students since 1999. The program places students in classes that are geared toward entry into UCs. His contributions do not end there.

He balances between the complex language of mathematics and humanities, as he co-teaches a humanities course called, “The Human Struggle” with English Professor Alice Adams.

Thanks to all his work, Massion recently received an award sponsored by the Academic Senate on campus.

The award, “The Distinguished Faculty Award,” is announced each year during the commencement ceremony and the winner is asked to give a presentation at some time during the fall semester.

Massion, who is now the recipient of the 17th annual award, will hold his presentation titled, “The Founding Fathers Did Math…Go Figure” on Thursday at noon in Kreider Hall.

The presentation will focus on the way math has influenced the founding fathers of this country and the politics that are associated with mathematics.