Women, War and Wigs

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Thursday at GCC’s Plaza Vaquero, professor of Social Sciences, Gordon Alexandre, welcomed on-looking students, protesters, and faculty to a mock debate of sexual issues . in an afro.

Alexandre, along with History professors Roger Bowerman and Peggy Renner, organized a satirical debate in reflection of a 1960’s forum, complete with ’60s attire.

Alexandre pointed out that throughout history satire has been used by society to get through troubling times while at the same time making very serious issues easier to discuss. Renner began her argumentation by informing the audience that she was not only a freshman in college but that the year was in fact 1964.

With that she began commenting that women were not allowed to attend college or high school in pants.

“I recall a girl who was asked to leave class until she was properly dressed,” reminisced Renner, “she never did come back. What a shame to dismiss someone simply because they are not dressed to someone else’s liking”.

Bowerman portrayed the more comical role of a rich kid turned hippie with a less than classical view of a women’s place in society. He expressed views of free love, anytime, anywhere; saying,” Doesn’t matter if you’re in the plants or in a mini-bus. go for it! “

The debate was moderated by the Afro donning Alexandre who asked pointed questions about safe sex, women in a collegiate environment, and females in the armed services, all of which were answered by Renner with both wit and humor.

Renner spoke of women going to college, “simply to get an “Mrs.” degree and with no real goal of getting a Ph.D,”and even brought up former first lady Barbara Bush who dropped out of College when she met George Bush after only one year of education.

“She left, got married, and had little George W.,” poked Renner, “I wish she would have stayed longer”.

As always between Renner’s observations and insights was Bowerman with remarks such as, “Stay away from the brown acid, I think it’s bad” and, “all I’m saying is give peace a chance. man”.

Alexandre closed the demonstration and gave the microphone to members of People Against War who went on to lead a last minute war protest.