Human Twister

Michelle Ghoukasian
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The human twister, a huge game of twister on an inflatable game-piece, hosted by ASGCC in Plaza Vaquero succeeded in its effort to bring students together on Oct. 3.

The giant twister stretched 15 feet by 15 feet and 12 players rotated every 15 minutes for each game. The event included an hour-long game of twister with music provided by Alen Andriassian, student activities coordinator.

“This event is just for fun to get GCC together and to let them know what AS is,” said Hala Shamas, senator of campus activities.

While normally a game of twister does not involve any jumping, Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) students participating in the event, decided to break the rules a little bit by jumping up and down during their game.
Since there were no winners, losers, nor prizes, Liana Shahijani, hostess of the event decided it was okay, as long as everyone was having fun.

“I guess it’s okay if you jump around a little,” said Shahijani.

In the last round of the game Shahijani decided to make things more interesting with a speed round, in which the directions (for example, left foot on yellow) were announced faster. Participants were not allowed to share colors.

The human twister attracted students to play and watch as the excitement took place.

“My muscles are aching,” said Lala Sarian, a student who participated in the game many times. “It was stressful, but really exciting and a great workout!”

“It was a lot of fun,” said Maria Anbarian, another student. “It was a great event for students to get involved in a fun activity.”

ASGCC is continuing their efforts to bring the campus together with events throughout the month including Oktoberfest, which will take place on the Oct. 15 and will feature booths for various clubs on campus, food, games and German dancers.

ASGCC has also scheduled a freestyle contest, which will take place on Oct. 22.

A campus dating game event is also planned. The date is still undecided.