GCC Celebrates Women?s Month

Events are being held during March to recognize Women’s History month.

The award-winning theatrical production of “The Vagina Monologues” are a handful of events put together by the history department and the United Womyn’s Coucil of Glendale College to help students, faculty adn the community commemorate Women’s History Month.

Niki Davis, a veteran member of the United Womyn’s Council, said that during this month the group is encouraging instructors to include a brief biography about notable women
that have made historical contributions to each subject, in their lesson plans.

Lisa Lubow, the Women’s History Month Coordinator for the college has assembled various activities that raise awareness about issues that customarily affect women, in addition to the classroom teachings of women in history. These on and off campus events extend from lectures about women’s suffrage to film showings and discussions about controversial proceedings that affect women.