Nellie Lopez– EOPS

Corinna Scott

Nellie Lopez, student services technician at EOPS, has been working at Glendale Community College for 27 years and is retiring because job stress, a long commute, and diabetes.

Lopez, among other jobs, handles EOPS grants and is the only one in the office with that knowledge. She says she plans to return after retirement for a short time to train the person who will take over for her.

“I love working here. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through the office,” said Lopez.

Describing campus life as that of a family, with its ups and downs and discussions, Lopez says she’ll miss the camaraderie of her college family. “We’re all included in everything. We always discuss everything,” said Lopez.

“The main thing I’m going to miss is the students. I’ve gotten to learn about different people from different countries.It’s been an honor and a pleasure working with everyone,” said Lopez.

Dec. 22 will be Lopez’s last day.