Louise Chamroonrat– Duplicating

Corinna Scott

Louise Chamroonrat, senior duplicating clerk, is retiring after serving the college for 16 1/2 years. Educated in Laos, Chamroonrat earned her bachelor’s degree in French and taught in France for seven years.

In 1989, Chamroonrat came to the U.S. and was hired at GCC as a clerk in duplicating. She was promoted when her supervisor retired.

“I retired because of the incentive and because of my mom,” said Chamroonrat. “I decided to retire and am very sad. This is a wonderful work environment and I’ll miss that.”

Ida Ferdman, an English professor, said “she is one of the nicest people on campus.”

Professor Forrest Fordyce, of ESL, said the faculty depends on the work that duplicating does, and he described the staff, including Chamroonrat, as warm, cheerful people who inspire him and others to be at work.

“She [Chamroonrat] is one of the sweetest, kindest, friendliest people on staff,” said Fordyce.

Her daughter, Patricia, works in ITS on campus.

Chamroonat’s last day is Dec. 29.