Debbie Wootton – Continuing Education

Jessica Bourse

After 21 years of dedicated service to Glendale Community College, Deborah Wootton, administrator in continuing and community education, is retiring.

Wootton’s friendly voice is a reminder that people can, in fact, hear a smile over the phone.

“I am retiring because my work legacy is behind me and I want to devote time to build a personal legacy,” said Wootton. “My faith in Jesus Christ propels me to give back to the community. There are many needs facing our society and I believe in service to those who are struggling.”

Wootton first started working at Glendale in July 1987 for the professional development center. In 1992, she started working with the Garfield Campus.

Wootton expressed what she would miss most about working at Glendale.

“So many things….wonderful administration and coworkers,” said Wootton. “I believe in the training programs we offer our students and the chance they give our students to better their lives. It is satisfying to know that the skill upgrade and emotional support they received from us assisted them from unemployment to employment, often in better positions than what they had before training.”

Wootton has not only rededicated 21 years of her life to the college, but has also left her mark. She takes pride in her role developing the marketing outreach that the Garfield Campus initiated in fall 2004.

“Our training programs really work,” said Wootton, “and the staff devotion to the success of the student (administrators, teachers, front desk staff and case managers) is a collaboration you don’t find in many places. I have had five students hear about my retirement this last week and ask for my home e-mail address…. just because we have ‘bonded.’ I am deeply touched by this since they all are happily working, some of them for years.”