Cleotilde Razana– Custodial Services

Brandon Hensley

Some people in this world are more appreciative of what they have or what they’ve been given than others, and Cleotilde Razana is a clear example of that.

Razana, 58, is retiring from Glendale Community College this year after 15 years of service as a custodian. “I love this college. It gave me a good opportunity and I have a good job here,” she said.

Razana is a single mom supporting her two daughters, one a 26-year-old police officer in Glendale, and the other a 19-year-old student at College of the Canyons. It can be hard rasing two kids alone, but “that’s why I’m so thankful to this college. They’ve helped me a lot,” Razana said.

Razana worked in a Glendale retirement home before coming to GCC. She started out as a part time employee and become a full time worker two years later.

She admits leaving Glendale will be difficult. “It’s going to be hard for me because it’s not the same,” she said. But given her situation, she’s ready to hang it up; Razana had knee surgery on her left knee recently, and she says both knees give her problems moving around campus.

“In the morning I’m OK, but in the afternoon I’m so tired and my knees bother me a lot, and my job is to walk around a lot. It’s hard for me.” But don’t start feeling sorry for her. She won’t take your pity. “Some people started saying, ‘Oh poor you.’ I don’t like that,” she said proudly.

At 58, Razana’s not yet ready to relax after she leaves. “Oh no no no,” she said, “because my daughter is still at college, and my older daughter is getting married next June. I need to help them.”

Not that she would necessarily sit around if she didn’t still have obligations. She said she plans to open a sewing and tailoring business in Glendale once her older daughter marries next year. They both now live in Sunland.

No rest for the weary. But Razana’s not one to complain.