Arthur Magallanes– Facilities

Corinna Scott

Arthur Magallanes, better known as “Art,” has worked on campus since 1989, starting as a custodian before becoming a utilities worker.

Magallanes operates the electrical set-up for the Baja program’s new field station. He says he will miss staff and faculty when he leaves.

Magallanes plans to spend more time with his 10-year-old adopted daughter and his family. He said he will miss the friendships and people at the college, as he knows many faculty members and staff whom he has worked with over the years.

Lew Lewis, director of business services, said that Magallanes was a great help as an interpreter and guide when they were in Mexico working on the Baja field station.

“Art is like a brother to me. When I was sick in the hospital, in intensive care, he told the nurse he was my brother so they would let him in,” said Lewis.

Magallanes’ last day working on campus will be Dec. 30.