Entertainment >> Restaurant ReviewCafé des Artistes Offers Elegant Evening in Hollywood

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

Dining in Hollywood is always a treat for couples and families who want to spend a night on the town. If you’re looking for an elegant restaurant for a Saturday night, the French CafÇ des Artistes might be a good option.

CafÇ des Artistes, French for The Artists’ CafÇ is in Hollywood, hidden in a mostly residential area on McCadden Place.

Upon arrival, the host will escort you through the lobby, which is more of a lounge, through a hallway of walls with messages written by former guests.

Once you walk into the main dining room, you are breathless from the atmosphere. With tree branches running up across the walls, lights hung across every direction and the dimmed room with lantern centerpieces, you can hardly begin to choose which element is your favorite. The ceiling is partially covered with large windows, with many open-air spots that let in a nice breeze from outside.

The service is also of good quality. Friendly waitresses take your orders, quickly serving bread rolls and French olives before your meal is served.

The menu is diverse enough so that everyone can find something they would like, from soups to salads to chicken plates to pasta. The bow-tie pasta primavera (served in pesto sauce) is not a bad dish, but lacks a strong flavor.

French fries may seem too commonplace to order at such an elegant restaurant, but are incredible and worth the money.

The mushroom ravioli is an excellent choice for those not too familiar with traditional French dishes.

Also highly recommended is the shrimp appetizer which is served on an ice pan with lemons.

The cafÇ also has a bar in the lounge for those guests who want to have a glass of wine with their dinner.

The worst part about the experience is the wait for your order. On a busy Saturday night, expect at least a 45-minute wait between ordering your food and its delivery.

This can cause some guests a bit of discomfort. The long-anticipated food is not of bad quality, but probably not worth the money and patience required.

A meal complete with a beverage and dessert can cost a guest up to $30.

Overall, the French cafÇ is not a bad option for an elegant evening in Hollywood, mostly for its relaxed, stylish atmosphere. The food is worth trying if you are willing to wait and pay a little more than usual.

If you plan on dinning on a weekend evening, reservations are recommended.

“CafÇ des Artistes” is located at 1534 N. McCadden Place in Hollywood and the phone number is (323) 469 – 7300. You can also visit the restaurant’s Web site at http://cafedesartistes.info.

Rating: * * * * (out of 5)