Bring a Bib, It Is Time For Ribs at Ribs USA

El Vaquero Staff Writer

To randomly walk into Ribs USA, one would have to either be really bored or really hungry. This place is so hidden and so unremarkable at first glance, that unless a person has some time to kill, he will not be curious enough to see what is inside it.?

The restaurant is hardly a restaurant; a pub fits its description better. Empty peanut shells crack under customers’ feet as tables of tipsy men finish off the last of their meals while enjoying a basketball game on one of three television sets.

The peanuts are for free as are all soda refills. The place has charm; the kind of charm that invites friends to lose track of time while catching up over a meal and a basketball game. However, it is probably not the kind of charm that would impress a woman on a first date.?

Ribs USA is more of the place where men spend quality time together or where a father would take his son on a night out. It seems like a place where bonding naturally occurs. On Tuesday nights, a magician comes in and provides entertainment for the whole family. The atmosphere and the good food create a positive environment that provokes a warm, homely feeling inside customers. Women that are fans of sports and ribs will find much to talk about at Ribs USA as well. Even if watching sports is not high on your list of fun things to do, the food is so delicious that it is impossible to leave unsatisfied.?

Hidden on Olive Avenue in Burbank, between major film studios, Ribs USA can be easily missed even when paying attention. Once it is found, it does not look inviting at first glance. The long, narrow hallway that leads to the bathrooms is the first sight that greets customers when they enter through the front door. ?

Bench seats, made of wood, become uncomfortable after a couple of minutes, but thankfully, the staff does its best for whatever comfort is lost. With almost 10 people working in the kitchen, the food is served within five minutes of placing an order. For the people that do not appreciate hardwood seats, takeout is also available.?

The atmosphere at Ribs USA is very casual and it is difficult to miss out on the fun the place has to offer. Waiters are so considerate that they will even go as far as to tie a bib on a customer with an order of ribs.?

Before taking an order, the waiters will recommend the baby back ribs to newcomers. When the food arrives, it is unquestionable as to why it was suggested. Even the pickiest customer will love their baby back ribs. They are the juiciest, most tender ribs around!?

In addition to a garden-fresh salad are the three cornbread muffins that arrive with each order. Fans of cornbread know how rare it is to find it done just right. The chef over at Ribs USA should really be careful because cornbread this good almost overshadows the spectacular taste of the main entrÇe. ?

The cost of a meal is relatively high for college students. If a half a slab of ribs is the meal choice, customers will be out $25, including the tip. The good news is that a half slab can feed one very hungry person. ?

If you really want to be casual, relaxed and have a good time, Ribs USA offers an environment in which you can be unconcerned with hunger, keeping a figure or polite table manners for that matter.