Year Future’s ‘First World Fever’ Unleashes Massive Audio Assault

El Vaquero Staf Writer

Los Angeles should be proud to know that there are still bands within its sprawling metropolis that are more concerned with their music than their hairstyles.

L.A.’s Year Future takes the rest of the watered-down, bubblegum pop bands flying under the punk umbrella and kicks them in the teeth, with their full-length debut, “First World Fever.”

The band’s third release, following 2003’s self-titled EP and 2005’s “The Hidden Hand” EP, “First World Fever” showcases a politically sassy band that breathes a new life into L.A. hardcore.

The quartet, founded in 2003, includes former Angel Hair, The VSS singer, Sonny Kay on vocals, guitarist Rockey Crane (formerly in Dead and Gone), with new bassist Pete Lyman and current Moving Units drummer, Chris Hathwell.

Drawing comparisons to early post-punk acts such as the Dead Kennedys and Bauhaus, Year Future holds their own, bringing to the table a melodic and high energy punk hybrid.

The 11-song album assaults the listener with Kay’s sharp and harsh vocals, while Crane’s fierce, atmospheric guitar riffs meet Lyman and Hathwell’s chaotic and unrelenting rhythm section.

Tracks like “The Hidden Hand” and “Vehicular Baptism” captures the passion and intensity of a band that has more aspirations than being signed a major label or making the play list on MTV2.

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