Concoction of Experiments With a Dash of Boredeom

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Transporting the listener into a world of zen by way of drum machines and guitars, artist Wade Williamson has followed up his 2003 full-length release, “A Few Things to Hear Before We All Blow Up,” with “The Trashcan Electric E.P.,” a collection of self-described experiments from previous years with a similar electronic feel deeply steeped in human emotion.

Falling into the genre of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM)/Electronic, this San Francisco based artist looks for personal gratification with every song.

Good for him, it may be the only gratification he gets.
Armed with the guitar, keys, bass and a wide selection of electronic instruments, all of which he masters, Williamson’s latest work delivers easy listening quality with every track, from beginning to end.

Usually an E.P. leaves the listener wanting more. That’s not necessarily the case here. Only seven tracks, the recording drags on one song after the other for what seems like an eternity.
But, be forewarned: this record may induce pretty thoughts.
For instance, the thought of running gaily through a meadow full of dandelions is totally possible, especially while listening to a song like “Cool People Make Me Tired.”

At first listen, this recording can make just about anyone tired.

Titles like “Tips for Sweet-talking a Caribou” and “Sailing to the Bottom,” leave much room for listener interpretation, because after all, there is not much one can do while listening to this recording that does not involve thinking, but rather a complete state of relaxation and or an insatiable urge to sleep. With that said, insomniacs need apply.

There is no vocal interpretation on this recording, which can be a good thing because the voice would only get in the way of the zen.

In all fairness, this recording is well made and there is definitely a sense that Williamson put a lot of effort in the creation of this latest work. Just don’t operate heavy machinery while listening to it.

Suffice to say, this recording is obviously not for everyone. It is possible, however, to listen to it once from start to finish and feel slightly moved, before the redundancy starts kicking in.

This recording is one huge psychedelic trip, but like all hallucinogens, it’s best to just stand clear.

* ยด out of four

“The Trashcan Electric E.P.” is available through