Vocal Ensemble Premieres on Campus

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Glendale College Vocal Ensemble made its first appearance on campus performing a mix of Jazz and gospel, on Thursday at Plaza Vaquero.

A crowd of about 100 scattered throughout the plaza to listen to the performances directed by Dr. Peter Green.

Green, music instructor coordinator, has been at GCC for four years. At the end of last year, after coming up with the idea of having a vocal ensemble at the college, he opened the class in the spring. “It’s been great,” he said.

The ensemble performed songs such as, “Tuxedo Junction” and “Satin Doll.” The tunes of “When I fall in Love” and “The Way You Look Tonight,” created a romantic mood.

Claret Nazarian, 39, music major said that she particularly liked the song choices. “They were very famous, great songs,” said Nazarian.
Lea Lodevico and Michelle Windoffer performed the “Operator,” accompanied by the ensemble.

Lodevico, 18, first year student at GCC said, “Practicing is hard, but when you’re performing on stage, the excitement makes it worth it.”

Windoffer, 19, music major said, “The choir has been my favorite thing at GCC. Not enough people know about it, but this is really worth it.”

Toward the end of the performance, the ensemble presented gospel songs.

Hilda Shahinyan, 27, administrative assistant major said, “I especially like the gospel songs. College students need to listen to more of this kind of music because when you hear gospel songs your mind clears up.”
Green had chosen the standard vocal jazz songs for the concert simply because “they are songs that I really like,” said Green. He joined the ensemble in performing two of the songs.

Alpha Gamma Sigma member, also choir member and event organizer, Michelle Alonso, 21, music major said, “It was a good experience for the group and a good thing for the college because GCC has many departments that the students don’t know about and events like this are a good way to promote them.”

Pianists Anita and Ki Park accompanied the ensemble throughout the performance.

The music department sold snacks and beverages, proceed of which will be going toward purchasing microphones and other sound equipment for the ensemble, said Nalini Lasiewicz, 48, music major.

On June 1, a live concert of the college choir will be at the auditorium main stage at 4 pm. General admission is $5 and for students and seniors $3.