Audioslave’s Self-Titled Album Shows How to Live

El Vaquero Staff Writer

In the recent deluge of “indie” artists, the innovative rock sounds of Audioslave stand out from the pack. As unexpected as Audioslave’s first self-titled album may be, an even more unexpected combination of individuals is responsible for the band.

Chris Cornell, former singer/ guitarist from the disbanded Soundgarden, Chris Cornell formulated the bands line-up, including Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford (bass), Tom Morello (guitar), and Brad Wilk (drums). Aside from the talent and well-known members, Audioslave successfully takes on its own unique form.

Whether it’s the fascination with repeating the song title “Cochise” out loud, or Cornell’s distinctive vocals trailing through each word, the first single is definitely attracting a crowd.

Like the majority of the songs, the heavy lyrical content focuses on the different ways a lesson can be learned in life or the final fate of death.

In “Cochise,” the chorus, “Go on and save yourself/ and take it out on me,” provides vocals that are similar to a young Steven Tyler.

The second track, “Show Me How to Live,” questions the strength of a powerful creator and the struggle man faces to overpower those forces.

This can be seen in the meaningful statement, “And in the afterbirth/ on the quiet Earth/ let the stains remind you/ you thought you made a man/ you better think again/ before my role defines you/ nail in my hand/ from my creator/ you gave me life/ now show me how to live.”

Throughout the album, the lyrics continue to illustrate eccentric feelings through an array of colorful and expressive images. The more slow-paced song, “What You Are,” speaks of an abandoned love and the almost sick aspects of dealing with obsession in a very unsettling manner.

The eye-opening lyrics state, “And when you wanted me/I came to you/ and when you wanted someone else/ I withdrew/ and when you asked for light/ I set myself on fire/ and if I go far away I know/ you’ll find another slave/ cause now I’m free from what you want/ now I’m free of what you need/ now I’m free from what you are.”

As a personal favorite on the album, “Shadow On the Sun,” promises to answer the unexplainable questions surrounding death as well as the reason people act in certain peculiar ways.

The lyrics state, “I can tell you why/ people die alone/ I can tell you why I’m/ a shadow on the sun/ I can tell you why/ people go insane/ I can show you how/ you could do the same/ I can tell you why/ the end will never come/ I can tell you why I’m/ a shadow in the sun.”

There is not a single doubt that Audioslave possess the potential to thrive as a band that may possibly stick around. Audioslave’s self-titled album is currently in stores.