Student Artists Have Opportunity to Showcase Works

Michael Konigsberg

The Glendale College Art Gallery will host “ARTtimesART, 2001” beginning Wednesday, featuring artwork done by students in all areas of the visual arts department, including ceramics, two- and three-dimensional design, sculpture, and photography.

Students from both the beginning and advanced art classes will participate in this show, with awards in each category to be given out at a reception for the artists set for April 24. The show is open to all students in the visual arts department and any work done in the last three semesters can be submitted.

The 2000 show was judged by instructors in the art department, which some students and instructors considered a conflict of interest. Therefore, funding was found this year to pay outside judges: artists Karen Sullivan, a ceramicist and Carl Karlmihail.

Curators called the show “ARTtimesART” because, “If you take art and multiply it by art, you get art, and that’s the creative process,” said gallery director Annabelle Aylmer.

Aylmer said that when judges look at the artwork, they mostly look for the vitality or the thing that makes the artwork come alive, as much as the technical expertise that went into making the pieces.

“Vitality and life . reflects the creative mind,” she said. “The creative mind usually does something more interesting.”

Aylmer said that many artists would agree that their work looks better hanging on the wall in an art gallery than in a classroom with dirty tables and dusty chalkboards. “You can take it [artwork] and put in this impressive setting,” said Aylmer. She adds that students can spend 30 minutes to 15 hours working on one piece of artwork.

The GCC Art Gallery is in the library building foyer. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The gallery will be open through the commencement ceremonies on May 24. The art show will end that afternoon.

For more information, call the art department at Ext. 5545 or 5663. Admission is free.