Bassey in The Sky With ‘Diamonds’

Meredith Kammerer

Like a well-shaken martini, Shirley Bassey’s sound is complete. To add anything to her songs is like playing with fire. It must be done with caution, or someone will get hurt.

The new remixed compilation of her greatest hits remixed, “Shirley Bassey, The Remix Album: Diamonds Are Forever,” adds a new and seamless spin to the sounds of the Tigress from Tiger Bay.

James Bond and the music of John Barry were the muscles that fully stretched Bassey’s vocal talents. The “007” themes are the best sounds on this album.

To add any extraneous beats to the groovy songs of the sexiness of John Barry’s Bond themes seems pointless. Why muddle the perfection of Bassey’s vocals against the ’60s spacey sound that Barry created with techno beats?

On their version of “Goldfinger,” Propellerheads add a swingingly-sexy orchestra track to the song while expanding on the instrumentals.

The best track on the whole disc comes from the uber-famous deejay ensemble Groove Armada. Their version of “Never Never Never” is not only refreshing, but has an easy and simple nature. Groove Armada places Bassey’s unusually smooth vocals amid gentle trance beats, making the song gentle to the ears.

The only lame, trance-heavy remix comes courtesy of DJ Skymoo. There are only small snippets of Bassey’s vocals that are just dubbed into a club-style trance sound. DJ Skymoo uses the same set of noise repetition that is heard the world over in every after-hours club. This song is painful to listen to

“Shirley Bassey, The Remix Album: Diamonds are Forever” brings back the golden age of Shirley Bassey (the ’50s and ’60s) during the time when she oozed a sex appeal and naughtiness that was unmatched by any other vocalist at the time. She is the crux of the album, not just an artist that these deejays sample from.