‘Saw III’ Provides Gore, Adds to Movie Franchise

El Vaquero Staff Writer

A man alone in a dark room screams as he struggles to free his foot from iron shackles. Left only with his handgun and a small flashlight he scans the area looking for something to use as a tool of escape. His light touches a severed corpse, with a gasp he continues his search frantically finally stopping as his light hits what he is looking for, a saw.

This is the opening scene in the new thriller “Saw III”, which came out in theatres Oct. 27, starring Tobin Bell (“The Firm”), Shawnee Smith (“Who’s Harry Crumb”), Angus Macfayden (“Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”), Bahar Soomekh (“Mission: Impossible 3”), Donnie Wahlberg (“Saw II”) and Dina Meyers (“Starship Troopers”).

The premise of the movie is the investigation of a series murders by Detective Kerry (Meyers). The remains of an unfortunate victim are scattered in an eerie “classroom.” A few feet from the crime scene is a television set with a VCR. When Kerry switches on the set, an impish looking puppet comes on the screen. “I want to play a game with you,” said a menacing voice emerging from the distorted figure. It was apparent that this was the work of the sadistic criminal mastermind, John Kramer (Bell) better know through his alias “Jigsaw”. Having avoided capture from the authorities again, Jigsaw with his new apprentice Amanda (Smith) continue to wreak havoc, making Jeff (Macfayden) and Doctor Lynn Denion (Soomekh) the latest players in their vicious and intricate game.

The movie goes on to give background information on the lives of these victims. Jeff is a single father and a victim of a tragic car accident which resulted in the death of his son. Obsessed with avenging his loss, he aimlessly goes through life and neglects his only daughter. In his daily routine of role playing, he is abducted by a figure in a pig-mask. A few minutes later, he wakes up inside a crate that is hanging at least 10 feet above the ground.

In another part of town, Dr. Lynn Denion, cannot focus on her work as marital problems plague her mind. Unable to perform an emergency surgery, she decides to take a break in the doctors’ locker room, unaware of the horror awaiting her. She is knocked unconscious and wakes up in a room filled with torture devices, coming face to face with Jigsaw himself. Both Jeff and Lynn are in for the biggest nightmare of their lives.

For most “Saw” fans, the scenes and plot provide a familiar setting like its predecessors. With a twist that is more heinous than any “SAW” movie ever seen, the last of the trilogy provides hair raising scenarios and graphic visuals that will appall its viewers. Although there were no breakthrough performances, “Saw III” comes packed with so much gore, raising the intensity level and imprinting fear and disgust into its viewers.