‘Revolutions’ Brings End to World of the Matrix

El Vaquero Staff Writer

“The Matrix” can be added to the archives as one of the most successful movie trilogies ever. In these three films of epic sci-fi, we witnessed the tale between the race of evil machines and humans and the battle to free captured humans from a virtual world. “The One,” played by Keanu Reeves, also known as Neo in the trilogy, was given a gift of unbelievable powers to aid his fellow man and maybe one day bring an end to the machines.

The first film in the trilogy exposed us to the matrix and characters such as Morpheus and Trinity, who were willing to do anything to save the only remaining city on earth known as Zion. We also saw Neo learn of his powers and come to believe he was the only “One” who could save the world. “The Matrix: Reloaded” continued the story and showed Neo becoming more skilled with his powers. We also learned more secrets about the matrix and how there’s more to the “One” than there seems to be.

“The Matrix: Revolutions” set out to answer all questions that were left unanswered in the first two films and show us how the final battle between the machines and humans will end. Now, does “Revolutions” accomplish that? Well, yes and no.

“Revolutions” begins where “Reloaded” left off. Neo and another one of his crewmates, Bain, who is now inhabited by Agent Smith, are in a coma. At the same time everyone back at Zion is getting ready for the big battle when the machines finally break in. With a little help from Trinity, Neo arrives at the conclusion that the only way the machines will fully be stopped is if he visits the machine world himself. As he departs with Trinity on another ship, the exciting final battle between machines and humans back at Zion, begins.

The entire battle scene between the machines and the humans is the biggest highlight of the film. After the famous freeway chase in “Reloaded,” people thought no scene could do better in “Revolutions.” Well, the big battle may not be a chase, but it is by far one of the most tense and emotionally driven battle scenes in recent memory. In between the big battle there is a story that explains what changes are occurring with Neo and what is the fate of the matrix is. The writers (and directors) of the film, Andy and Larry Wachowski, did a great job creating such a imagantive story about how machines could one day take over the world.

With the story aside, what “Revolutions,” and for that matter the whole “Matrix” series, will always be remembered for its outstanding and groundbreaking visual effects. Each film in the trilogy improved upon its visual presentation and its amazing fight scenes and “Revolutions” are no exception. The machines look so real in the battles it’s frightening. When we finally see how the machine world looks, it is by far one of the most eerily beautiful scenes in the whole series.

So in the end, does “Revolutions” act as a perfect final chapter? Well, maybe a little less than perfect. After so many surprising turns and twists, I honestly was expecting a very surprising and shocking ending.

But unfortunately, the only time the trilogy gives into clichÇs is in the ending. The ending does not answer all the questions or add an ending feel to the trilogy. But I honestly cannot judge the whole film on its ending because there is so much good stuff before it. If this truly is the end of the series, I cannot say, “It could have been better.” I can only say, “What else could have been done?”
Overall Score: 3/4