Love is ‘Everlasting’

Tania Chatila
El Vaquero Editor-in-Chief

Imagine a love that could withstand the test of time. Impossible? Not in Disney’s newest film “Tuck Everlasting,” directed by Jay Russell that tells the story of a love that could never die.

When Winnie Foster, played by Alexis Bledel, decides to defy the social constraints of the 1914 Victorian time era and the ladylike expectations of her parents by refusing to be sent to an place all-girl boarding school, she begins her adventure into the best summer of her life.

Finally mustering all her courage to run past the black barred fence of her home, which confined her for 17 years, she ends up lost in the woods where she meets Jesse Tuck, played by Jonathan Jackson.
However, from the second Winnie meets Jesse, she finds something slightly odd about him – something secretive.

Forced into Jesse’s home with his mother (Sissy Spacek), father (William Hurt) and brother (Scott Bairstow), Winnie at first is wary of the family, which refuses to let her venture back to her father’s estate due to some secret they hold.

But as Jesse and Winnie get closer, as the audience would expect, she begins to lose track of time, living happily among the Tuck family and admiring their simple way of life.

The two fall in love and Jesse swears to love Winnie until the day he dies.

However, the family’s secret continues to interest Winnie, until one day Jesse finally reveals the mystery.
The villain of the movie, (whose name is never revealed) “The man in the yellow suit,” played by Ben Kingsley, proves most interested in the Tuck’s secret as well, as he slyly makes his way about the town trying to gather as much information about the family as possible.
His hunch about the Tucks is soon proven true.

So what’s the big secret? The movie, being as predictable as it is, gives away the mystery early on. The reason Jesse can swear to love Winnie forever is due to one simple fact: the Tuck’s never die.

Nonetheless, while the plot can be easily guessed early in the movie, this Disney make of the classic story written by Natalie Babbitt is an entertaining film.

A movie for those of all ages, “Tuck Everlasting” offers a chance for viewers to venture back into time and experience a love that innocent and pure.

The script is well written and Academy Award winners Kingsley, Spacek and Hurt all lend their talent to an all-star cast.

Certainly a fairytale, the film is perfect for those looking for the “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty” type love story. It is fun, child-like and romantic all at the same time.

“Tuck Everlasting” opens in theaters nationwide today.