‘Transporter’ Lives Up to Name of Super-Charged Flick

Jackie Brubaker
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Ex-special forces operator Frank Martin played by handsome British film star Jason Statham has chosen to live a seemingly quiet life and in turn hires himself out as a “transporter” to move goods — human, or otherwise — from one place to another in “The Transporter,” directed by Cory Yuen.

However, Frank lives by a code with three very important. One: never change the deal. Two: no names. Three: never look in the package. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. Frank breaks his own rules and his once precise, neat life takes a 180 degree turn.

The movie is whipped around with a funky techno beat as Statham kicks the butts of what seems like an endless number of hit men. To add to the testosterone rush, Lai, played by Shu Qi, is the damsel in distress trying to save her own fairytale by getting our hero Frank in even more trouble than he began with.

Car chases, truck chases, airplanes, and a huge mess of men slipping around in oil can sum up quite nicely what you’re to expect. You can be assured, “The Transporter” certainly lives up to its name.

If you’re looking for a wild ride with a hot leading man, this is your movie, but don’t go expecting to see superior acting. While Stratham is quite the hunk, the supporting cast is quickly forgotten and lost in the lines of an inferior script. Parts of the movie are very well edited, but the story seemed like it was pumped out to fit an action movie stereotype.