A Day at the ‘Barbershop’ is More Than a Haircut

Ani Asatryan
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Where’s the one place a person can go to get a haircut and spend an entire day just talking, arguing, catching up, relaxing, letting off some steam, and just having a good time? Only at the barbershop.

MGM’s new film “The Barbershop,” directed by Tim Story, is about the day at, well, pretty much a barbershop. Calvin Palmer (Ice Cube) inherited the shop from his father. For 40 years, the barbershop had become a familiar hangout for haircuts and conversation. It’s sort of the “country club” of the south side of Chicago.

However, Calvin quickly learns the burden of running the shop. With many bills to pay and a baby on the way, he sells the shop to a local loan shark, but then realizes the true value of what he has given up.

The cast of the Barbershop is well chosen, and makes the film a sensation. There’s the oldest member of the shop, Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer), the one who’s been working there for generations and has wise words of wisdom to offer about anything.

Then there’s the hot head, Terri (Eve), that is set off by any slight thing. There is also the white boy who tries to be black, but never really gets far, and of course the bad boy trying to be good.

The movie is comical in everyway, even when it becomes serious. But there’s a lot more to the movie than just plain humor. The movie offers immense insight into black culture, their values, and morals. It teaches a thing or two about the value of life, and it’s not how much you have, but what you have that counts.
“The Barbershop” comes out today in theaters nationwide.