?Bad Company?

Eileen Rasnake
El Vaquero Staff Writer

With a combination of action and comedy, the TouchstonePictures/Jerry Bruckheimer film “Bad Company” takes the audience on a journey into the chilling lives of CIA spies with much humor to lighten our hearts.
In the film, which was directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Stenson, Kevin Pope (Chris Rock) is a top-notch CIA agent on a secret mission to stop a nuclear weapon from falling into the wrong hands when he is killed in the line of duty.

With only nine days until Pope is supposed to meet with the Russian black market seller, Adrik Vas (Peter Stormare), to purchase the weapon, the CIA needs to find Pope’s long-lost twin brother, Jake Hayes (also Chris Rock), and train him to take Pope’s place.

Gaylord Oakes (Anthony Hopkins), a committed veteran member of the CIA and Pope’s partner, is given the biggest challenge of his life to shape Hayes, a cynical, street-savvy hoodlum, into his brother, a suave and sophisticated spy, to complete this mission.

Hayes, a New York native, is used to spending his days hustling fellow chess players in Washington Square, scalping tickets for sports events and DJ-ing at a local club at night.

But after striking the deal with the CIA for $100,000, he is awakened by ice-cold water being poured on him at 5 a.m., and during the day he is taught the criteria for being a CIA spy and the standard ways of living an affluent lifestyle. His life has made a complete U-turn and makes for great entertainment.

With the undeniable chemistry between this powerhouse duo and the differences of both opinion and personalities, this film is full of laughs and depicts a growing friendship between two complete opposites. In addition, the soundtrack is uplifting and fits every scene perfectly.

“Bad Company” opens today in theaters.