‘The Rookie’

Talynn Soghomonians
El Vaquero Staff Writer

“The Rookie,” directed by John Lee Hancock, is a perfect story of creating a dream and following the heart to achieve yet another trademark Disney happy-ending.

As Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid) is spending his life being a dedicated role model as a father and coach at a small town in Texas, he is given a second chance to make his childhood dream of being a Major League baseball player a reality in “The Rookie,” in theaters March 29.

Quaid gives a remarkable rendition of an athlete who is eager to return to the game of baseball. The story is based on Morris, a high school baseball coach who gave up his dream after an injury in his early 20s. When the team is off to a bad start in the state championship, the students propose a bet.

The cast of the students including Brandon Garner, Rick Gonzalez, Chad Lindberg and Angelo Spizziri brought to the screen sarcastic jokes that most teen viewers pick up on easily.

The most eye-catching of these cast members is “Crazy/ Beautiful” leading man Jay Hernandez, who strikes the most attention as he keeps the interest of every young female in the audience.

As the team is aware of its coach’s incredible fastball speed, it promises to win the championship without a doubt if the coach promises to attend a major league pitching try out session. With the students practicing harder than ever, they shockingly end up winning 16 consecutive matches. By the end of the championship, the team successfully wins the state championship title, and Morris is obligated to try out.

This film clearly portrays the struggle of an individual and his strength both physically and emotionally as he attempts to win the biggest game in life. “The Rookie” is a must-see performance for any baseball enthusiast or family comedy fans.