Film Series Celebrates Women?s Movement

Talynn Soghomonians
El Vaquero Staff Writer

If every picture is worth a thousand words, if every film is worth a thousand pictures, if every American woman is worth a thousand trials of progress, then the United Womyn’s Council and the GCC history department should expect to deliver a great education with their women’s movement film series, reeling this Women’s History Month.

The five films slated to run include “Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength to Resist,” “Bamboozled,” “With Babies and Banners” and “How We Got the Vote.” The fifth selection, being shown March 28, has yet to be announced.

After each film, discussions will be led by Peggy Renner, head of the history department; Lina Gupta, professor of philosophy; and Dr. Regina Lark, professor of history. Womyn’s Council President Niki Davis said the films and follow-up discussions are designed for viewers to think about and not just accept the media’s depictions of womens’ roles in society.

“Education does not teach young people how to think critically,” Davis said. “We learn to accept things and not question the media, which is enabled to keep women bound to. images.”

GCC Women’s History Month coordinator and history professor Lisa Lubow selected the films. Lubow said she chose these particular films because they are scholarly and document the struggles and achievements of the women’s movement, which still grows in the 21st century.

The films’ collective strength, said Davis, is in the images’ influence on “designing who we [women] are” and on female self-espression. “It took so long for women to earn equality; women were always being sabotaged and died fighting for the cause.”

The series began March 14. A film is shown Tuesday and Thursday nights through Thursday in the J. W. Smith Student Center. Admission is free.