‘Death to Smoochy’

Ani Asatryan
El Vaquero Staff Writer

In a big purple rhino outfit and dancing rhinette’s, Sheldon Mopes (Edward Norton) is more than happy to expand his career as Smoochy, a children’s show host with real ethics and morals, but Warner Bros’. “Death to Smoochy” is anything but a children’s movie.

In a world full of crime and dishonesty, it’s comforting to know that children can watch television and learn decent things from their friend Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams), until he himself turns to the world of evil and is kicked to the curb.

In an attempt to save the station, Nora Wells (Catherine Keener), who works for the station, hires Sheldon Mopes to fill Rainbow Randolph’s time slot.

Outraged and broke, Randolph makes it his goal to bring an end to Smoochy’s career and his life.
With dark comedy and much sexual innuendo, “Death to Smoochy” is a comic relief from all those meaningless teen movies that are just funny for no reason.

Even though the subject is based on a children’s show, the movie portrays the dark side of the television world and pokes fun at it in an honest way. Sheldon’s innocence provides for plenty of laughs in the corrupted world we live in today.

The movie’s fun last till the end, and there is meaning to the movie, with a moral lesson to be learned.
However, be advised, if you want to take your children, the movie has much profanity and very high sexual content.

Robin Williams gives a performance like you’ve never seen from him before. With a great cast, great lights and costumes, and songs about anything from cookies to stepdads, the show is a success. “Death to Smoohy” opens March 29.