Mariah Carey’s New Movie Lacks ‘Glitter’

Ani Asatryan
El Vaquero Staff Writer

We all know Mariah Carey can sing and dance, but can she act?

Starring in the semi-autobiographical movie “Glitter,” Carey further builds on her many talents. She writes and produces her own music, and now she writes her own movies. Well, almost.

Directed by Vondie Curtis Hall, “Glitter” tells the story of a girl with an incredible voice. Abandoned by her alcoholic mother when she was young, Billie Frank (Carey) grows up in an orphanage, where she meets her two best friends Louise (Da Brat) and Roxanne (Tia Texada). While working as backup singer for a not so talented `superstar’, her incredible voice blows away DJ Julian Dice (Max Beesley). With some quick talking and a very high price, he manages to buy her contract from Timothy Walker (Terrence Howard) and soon becomes her partner, producer, and lover.
The rest of the movie slowly builds as she struggles for stardom, tries to find some closure with her abandonment, and attempts a relationship with Dice, against some huge obstacles.

Of course there always comes the time to pay the piper. Unfortunately Dice never comes up with the money to pay Walker and ends up paying a very dear price.

A warning to moviegoers out there: this movie is sad. Yes, there is great music, and she does become rich and famous, but it’s sad nonetheless.

Because Billie was abandoned when she was young, the movie reflects her insecurities and struggles she has to deal with. And as if that’s not enough, the love story with Dice is far from perfect. But you will live through it, I promise.

Yes, one can survive through this sad tale, partly because of Mariah Carey. Since the movie is semi-autobiographical (and we all know how successful Carey is), there are plenty of reasons to be happy for Billie. She dreams of becoming rich and famous by using her voice and she makes it happen for herself.

Other actors like Da Brat and Texada add much-needed humor to the story. Their mannerism and dialogue help lighten the mood and add occasional laughs.

Most of the music from the movie is, of course, done by Carey, whose recently released album, “Glitter,” serves as the soundtrack. Her acting may be a little weak, but her songs `glitter’ in a sense. Songs like “Reflections” and “Twister” tell of Billie’s feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Lyrics like “Did you really care? Did you care at all for me?” establish how deeply Billie is affected by her desertion.

This movie is not an Oscar movie for sure. All Mariah Carey fans will enjoy the movie guaranteed because the music in the movie is enough to satisfy them.

Fans will watch it over and over again. Others will watch it once, and either love it, or regret buying the ticket. It all depends on the person.