Dancers Celebrate Culture

El Vaquero Staff W

The annual GCC dance production was held with a
full audience every night.

The performance which ran from Dec. 3 to 5 was
comprised of dancers who are either enrolled in the
college’s dance program or are alumni.

“All four of the performances were packed with
many people and every single seat was filled,” said one
of the choreographers, Silva Tatiossian. “It was a very
successful show.”

The production showcased many different dance
pieces including ones involving sign language, hip-hop
and traditional Armenian and Chinese dances.
The opening act was a clown piece with dancers
dressed up as clowns. The second part of the show
included a dance with students in a Catholic school
who were dressed in uniforms.

“I have two favorites,” said Tatiossian. “One of them
was called ‘I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever
Know’ and ‘I Hate To Say It,'” said Tatiossian.
“The show consisted of many dance pieces that
aren’t connected together and the individual pieces
itself have very different meanings and purposes,” said
Malin Eveman, another choreographer.

“We had great positive feedback and a great turn out
of people.”

The closing act ended with a mocking ballet. “[The
piece was] about how dancing is so pretty, glamorous
and graceful but at the end it’s all about sweat and tears
and hard work,” said Eveman.